Membership for cyclists of all abilities
Are you looking for a sociable mid-week ride to get fit, or wanting to participate in more challenging events, or just keen to keep in contact with other cyclists?  We cater for all of these and more and cyclists aged 18+ can join the club.

Cartoon of a 1951 cyclist greeting a 2011 cyclistMembers:
  • Participate in weekly rides organised by any of our 16 sections. 
  • Receive our quarterly magazine ‘Signpost’.
  • Enjoy special events and tours organised by the sections.
  • Advertise items for sale or wanted.
  • Enroll an additional member at the same address for half price.

Members receive a free Membership/ICE (In Case of Emergency) card and are advised to carry this.  Replacements can be ordered as and when needed via a local section secretary.

New Riders
Come out on a ride and try us before you join.  Please see our New Riders page for details of how we welcome and advise potential members. Want to know more?  Use our Contact Us form and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

The initial membership fee is £10 (£15 for two members living at the same address) and lasts until the end of the calendar year in which you join (or, if you join after 30th September, the end of the following year). 

The Club Rules amended 2017 are available here (Rule 7 covers subscriptions). 
  • Please note that Forty Plus Cycling Club membership does not include third party liability insurance.  You are advised to have suitable cover e.g. through Cycling UK or British Cycling membership or your household insurance.  LCC offer standalone insurance for £9.50 a year, without needing to join.  Further information on third party liability insurance.
Join online
You can join online using a credit or debit card.
To Join via our membership system hosted by Membermojo click HERE 
Join by post
Alternatively, download and print an application form and send it to the membership secretary or a section secretary with your cheque. 

 When your initial membership expires you will be asked to renew for a period of two calendar years. 
The current fee for two-year membership is £18 (£27 for two people at the same address).

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15 Mar 2018, 11:03