Third party liability insurance

Forty Plus Cycling Club membership does not include any third party liability insurance.  You are advised to have suitable cover e.g. through Cycling UK or British Cycling membership or your household insurance.    Without insurance, you could be liable if, for example, you rode into a car or caused an accident through negligent cycling.  Listed below are some organisations that provide third party liability insurance.  The list is not comprehensive.

Cycling UK offers worldwide (except the USA and Canada) liability insurance up to £10m (including electric bikes but excluding competitive cycling) as well as free legal advice and a bimonthly magazine.  Full membership is £30.50 for the over 65s or unwaged. This can be reduced to £26 for affiliate members, contact Roger Hodgson for details. If you are under 65, full membership is £48. 20% savings are available if you take out 5 year's membership. For disabled/carers membership is £29.50. Household membership is for available £74 (2 adults + children)

If you have been a Cycling UK member for a long time, it may be well worth taking out life membership, instead of renewing a yearly membership.  More details…

You can take out the Cycling UK affiliated membership, without being a full member, through the Forty Plus membership secretary.  This costs £26 pa.  The benefits include third party liability insurance and the ability to ride with any Cycling UK Member Group, but you may not be a Cycling UK club officer or lead Cycling UK rides, you do not get the magazine and there may be some restrictions on access to free legal advice.

British Cycling offers various levels of membership.  The cheapest membership, including third party liability insurance (up to £10m), is "ride" membership at £33.  If you need cover for competitive cycling, you will have to take out Silver Race membership at £41 pa.  The insurance excludes the USA and Canada.  Discounts on your first year's membership may be available through the Forty Plus general secretary or various websites.  More details…

LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) Open to anyone over 40. Covers all cycling (excluding commuting) in the UK only by registered members up to £10m.  Membership costs £20.  More details…

Tandem Club You do not have to have a tandem to join the tandem club.  Membership is £10 for up to two people and unlimited numbers of dependents under 17 at the same address (+50p for each additional adult member).  (Savings available if you take out 5 year's membership.)  Membership includes liability insurance (up to £2m) in the UK (on solos as well as tandems) who are not already covered by another scheme e.g. house contents insurance.  You also get a bimonthly magazine.  Competitive cycling is excluded.

Your house contents insurance  will probably include “Personal and Occupier's liability” The cover may vary from policy to policy and claims will generally be subject to an excess and may affect your future premiums.  For example, one member's standard policy covers up to £2m "legal liability for damages and claimant's costs incurred by the family in respect of accidents resulting in injury to any person or loss or damage to property".  Among the exclusions is injury, loss or damage caused by "mechanically propelled or motorised vehicles (other than ...)".  The company confirmed the member was covered for any damage caused by their bike or themselves and a bicycle (without a motor) was not considered a mechanically propelled vehicle.  You are advised to check with your insurance company before relying on them for third party liability insurance.  Any claim could affect your future premium.

Information checked October 2019

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