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New Riders

We welcome any cyclist who is thinking of joining our cycling club. You may be quite new to cycling, or an experienced rider who has not previously ridden with a club, or you may have moved into our area and would like to continue with your club riding.

Once you have found a section of the club you would like to try (see About Us) it’s best if you can contact the section secretary, whose details can be found on their section pages (listed in the left side menu).  On your first ride or meet introduce yourself to anyone in the group and then talk to the section secretary or the ride leader.  

On organised club rides you can be assured that you will be accompanied in the group throughout and you will not be left behind. If necessary, you will be guided back to the start point of the ride.

On the subject of basic advice (this applies to all riders) you should make sure that you carry a map of the area in which you are expecting to ride, a spare inner tube, a puncture outfit and a pump. There is no rider on earth who has not at some time in his or her riding careers been temporarily lost or suffered a puncture!

For more advice on riding with a group we have a useful Group Riding page, which is recommended reading for both new and experienced riders.

We all love to talk about cycling, so if there is anything you want to know, do not be shy to ask. You will find a wealth of experience and a willingness to pass it on.

Next steps
You are encouraged to fully join the club once you have had a few trial runs, but do try other sections if the first one is not right for you. 

Once you have settled on a section (or more than one section) let the section secretary have your personal and emergency contact details and carry your ICE (in case of emergency) card in your wallet. Secretaries have stocks of blank ICE cards.

Looking forward to seeing you.