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Initial membership normally lasts until the end of the calendar year in which you join (or the end of the following year if you join after 30th September).  

As your renewal date approaches we will send you an invitation to renew for a period of two calendar years.  The current fee for two-year membership is £18 (£27 for two people at the same address), but you may opt to renew for one year only should you so wish.
  • If you are in any doubt over when your current membership will expire and what the renewal cost (at current rates) will be then simply use the membership enquiry form on the right.
  • If you will be away at renewal time you can pay the renewal fee in advance.  Please ensure you include full name and address details if you do this. 
  • If you fail to renew within one month of your due date you may be deemed to have resigned and this would affect your qualification for honorary membership (see Rules).
Payment Methods
1. By post
Please make cheques payable to FORTY-PLUS CYCLING CLUB and send along with a note of your name and address to: 

Membership Secretary    
91 Cavan Drive
St Albans
Please note that receipts are not normally issued unless you provide a SAE.

2. Pay online
You can renew online using a credit or debit card through the secure Nochex service.  Nochex does not retain any of your information once the transaction is complete, and this service is fully secure and free to you.
  Do we have your correct contact details?
We use the contact details on the Forty Plus records to identify who has made the payment.  These are shown on your renewal notice, or can be found by using the form on the right of this page.  If there are any discrepancies please advise the changes needed to before proceeding further.   
  Paying for someone at a different address?
Nochex will ask for the billing address of the card you use for payment.  This address is passed to the Membership Secretary to help identify the member.  If paying on behalf of someone at a different address please use the message space in Nochex to give the name and date of birth of the member so we can identify the renewal correctly. 
Renew membership online now
Click the Nochex button to be taken to the online payments system:
Nochex button