The following letter appeared in the February 15th 1951 issue of ‘Cycling’ under the heading:


The object of this letter is to ascertain what support would be forthcoming for the promotion of a social cycling club in the London and Home Counties for the over 40’s. Whilst there are numerous clubs and organisations catering for the young people today, mainly racing, there is none (so far as I know) featuring exclusively the social requirements of the middle-aged rider who wishes to enjoy the company of his contemporaries. Membership would be open to both sexes so as to encourage the family spirit, the only distinction being that the ladies would not be asked to produce a birth certificate!

A nominal subscription should meet expenses whilst the work of planning runs and booking meals could be shared by members undertaking this duty in turns. My idea is to have north and south of the Thames sections, each running a monthly fixture to some convenient venue where possibly tea might be followed by a social programme occasionally. During summer al fresco meals might be preferred.

It would be interesting to see whether there is any need for such an organisation, so if anyone interested cares to communicate with me at 49 Homewood Road, St Albans (telephone 6301), I shall be pleased to start the ball rolling, provided sufficient support is forthcoming.