From Pat Kennedy – a photograph of the late Peter Wilkins, that I took in March 2014.  The photo demonstrates Peter’s smart turnout, including his gleaming bicycle.   Alas, he never wore a cycle helmet that could have afforded some protection when he hit a pothole and crashed off his bike on his way to meet-up with the Forty Plus CC in Sandridge in March 2016.   I was pleased to note that the photo was reproduced in his funeral Order of Service, held in Hendon on 28 May 2019.   Don Wallace, President, Forty Plus CC gave a glowing tribute at Peter’s cremation service.

Kevan Harrop writes: Peter was a modest man, a stalwart, a gentleman and a perfectionist.  An extremely intelligent man who always had time to speak to, and show interest in, people.He had a cheeky disposition – particularly with the members of the opposite sex who, without exception, all took a shine to him! He always called them ‘dear’ and was polite to a fault. It was interesting to listen to him talk of his past, from leaving the RAF to living above, and working on the cheese-counter of, one of the original J. Sainsbury high street shops, to working as a motorcycle mechanic – he had a phenomenal memory. His knowledge of bike (and motorcycle) mechanics was exceptional.  His bikes were always immaculate and he was a superb rider. I remember following him, in his draft, riding as steady as a rock with no rolling of the head nor the body, no matter what the terrain – poetry in motion. It was a complete shock when he had the accident which curtailed his riding, hitting a much-obscured pothole – Peter just didn’t have accidents!  When we visited him in the nursing home he was just the same as he had always been – just not riding his beloved bike.  Irreplaceable!