The weather forecast promised rain from 10 onwards but Poppins was surprisingly busy with A, Inter, B and C riders.  The C Riders rode to Moor Mill and Chris Rice, their ride leader wrote “We were so lucky with the weather.  Our ride was mainly off road and C group rose to the challenge.  We passed by fields of red, white and blue (poppies, daisies and cornflowers), cycled along the River Colne and River Ver, saw swans, baby moorhens and red kites”. Inters had a good turnout for Tony O’Byrnes annual Lee Valley ride; past the Olympic watersports centre and the many sculptures in the Lea Valley Park.  It had rained while we were at lunch but otherwise held off.  Rudi’s A Ride tried a new pub, the Goat in Hertford Heath, which Kev told us later was a success and offers us a good new pub venue for the club in a less visited location.

All agreed an unexpectedly good days riding.