Our Tuesday Rides

We aim to ride every Tuesday throughout the year, weather permitting. There are five different groups to suit riders of differing abilities. The table below gives a rough guide to the distance and pace for each group but remember to factor in the distance from home to the meeting point and back home from lunch. Prospective new riders should speak to one of the Ride Organisers who will help them choose the most appropriate group. Each of our Tuesday rides follows a similar format: meet up (usually over a coffee); ride in groups to lunch (which could be a pub, café, or picnic); followed by ride home, sometimes incorporating a tea stop.

Please consult the ride lists on the St Albans section page and check for ‘More info’ or ‘Important updates’ (if the ride tile is red), as these have valuable information for riders.

Ride GroupTypical distance to lunchTypical PaceUsual Meeting PointsNotes
A23 miles12.5 mphHatfield or
St Albans or
IntersSummer: 20/25 miles
Winter: 18/20 miles
11 mphHatfield or
St Albans or
Occasional car assist rides in summer
B15 miles9.5 mphHatfield or
St Albans or
C10 miles8.5 mphHatfield
Potterers< 10 milesComfyWelwyn and
Potters Heath

Additional Rides on Other Days

RideTypical round-trip distanceTypical PaceNotes
The Extra MileBetween 35 and 55 miles11 mphUsually Friday, possibly Thursday
Meeting points and time vary including regular car assist

The Extra Mile is an experimental ride format that we are trying over the spring and summer. The idea is to create more spontaneous rides, open to club members and responsive to their needs. Unlike our Tuesday rides there is no advance programme; rather the emphasis is on participating members working with the Ride Organiser to propose and organise individual rides. Likewise, there is no fixed format to encourage innovation, but the overall distance and pace should be roughly similar to Inter rides.

Usually, they will take place on a Friday, but the day and time of departure may vary at short notice to take advantage of the best cycling weather. Although all Extra Mile rides will be posted on the web site, this may be only a few days ahead – sign-up and notification of detailed arrangements, including last minute changes take place via the dedicated WhatsApp group and email. Please contact the Ride Organiser to be added to the WhatsApp group.