A slightly reduced number for a Thursday than of late, with 10 of us meeting at the fountain, with some notable absences! The 10 were myself, Angie, Mia, Nige, Steve, Paul, Jack, Kevin, Alan and Andy, who made a last minute appearance. Angie turned back somewhere between Ashwell and the Mordens, as she had a prior appointment, and on arrival at Wimpole Andy didn’t stop, as he also needed to get back. This left 8 for lunch, which looked at first being a bit of a problem, as The Stables Cafe was closed, and the main cafe was heaving… I don’t think I’ve seen it so busy, and they had reduced staff numbers with a reduced menu too. Actually it was fine and we were served in good order. Some managed to find space outside, others sat in, so after lunch we reconvened and were able to set off with barely an hour passed. 
It had actually got quite warm, but with a brisk SW wind, so the shorter route back I think was appreciated by all. On reaching Ashwell we split into several groups, Alan and Jack visiting a friend, myself and Paul stopping at Rhubarb and Mustard for a cuppa, and the remainder choosing to carry on. Adrian Winterbone.