Very mild weather for our ride to Roxton today – Five cyclists turned up for a pre-ride coffee at no. 12 in Letchworth and then onto the Fountain where we had a total of Nine riders for the start.

We divided into 2 groups:

Group 1 – Adrian (leading), Angie Wade, Martin Owen and Kevin.

Group 2 – Paul Fletcher, Myself, Geoff, John Davey and Kris Pill (taking a slightly longer route to Roxton).

Group 2 started at a good pace with the wind behind us all the way via Clifton, Ireland, Cardington, Great Barford, Wilden, Colesden and Roxton – at this point we got the message that Group 1 (Martin) got a puncture in Henlow,

Luckily Adrian was on hand to help repair the puncture with a new inner tube, but because they were delayed, they went only to the Barn at Cardington. Martin returned home without stopping.

Group 2 decided to return straight back to Cardington to try to rendezvous with group 1. By chance we managed to meet group 1 at the Barn for a quick snack. Good food and Service here as usual.

The return journey was slower into the wind via Southill, clifton and Arlesey.A long ride today and some tired legs

Note: Martin not in group picture and mileage was about 54 miles (as I did some more earlier)