Ride Summary from Adrian: A chilly morning saw only six at the fountain, including newcomer Ronnie, the others being Alan, Stuart, Geoff H, Kevin and myself leading.

Only a short one today but as the route is hilly and the weather cold it was far enough!

We met Andrew Street at Little Almshoe, and he came on to Peter’s Green with us but didn’t stop, and Geoff P met us at the pub having driven out. Paul W also joined us, as he often does on a Thursday.

In spite of the landlord warning us in advance that there might be delays due to lack of staff, I can’t say we were kept waiting to any significant degree, and we were all fed and watered in good time, setting off for the return after an hour.

It was colder still after lunch, as the wind had got up, but at least it was behind us as a bonus.

A good little run out.

Note: Geoff Perry took the photo without Andy and Paul W