Lovely day for a ride. We were Eight at the fountain today for the ride out to Gustard Wood – Myself, Adrian (leading), Geoff P, Geoff H, Stuart, John D, Kriss and Paul F (welcome back Geoff P and Stuart) – we were joined by Nigel and Andy en-route making 10 in total for the ride out.

The route was via Wymondley, Kimpton – pleasantly warm and little wind.

On arrival at the pub, but we were preceded by a small group from E Herts and Bedford Paul, so 14 at lunch in total.

After lunch there were several groups taking different routes, with Adrian and John going via Kimpton, Bendish and Lilley, with the two Geoffs, Kris and Stuart heading directly back to LGC. Paul, Andy, Alan and Nige left a bit sooner for the return also by the direct route.

Bring on the Summer !

Alan (and Adrian)