On a fine spring morning Eight riders left the fountain in LGC, but soon we were ten, as three more joined at Wymondley – Adrian, me, Nigel, Andy, Kevin, John D, Stuart, Geoff P, Steve, Keith and John H.

Here we split into two groups of five, my group taking a slightly longer and more circuitous route, and Geoff P leading the rest on a more direct route.

We all arrived at the pub within a few minutes, and were shortly joined by Bedford Paul, who will soon become an honorary N Herts member!

Service is always prompt at this pub, and the food is good value (i.e. cheap!) with chips seeming to be a particular favourite.

Andy, Alan and Nigel set off early, having only stopped for coffees, with the rest of us taking a full hour.

The remaining Eight then retraced our steps to Tea Green and down the hill, and thence to Preston, where myself and John D turned off for Charlton, leaving Geoff P, Stuart, John H, Steve, Kevin and Keith to make their respective ways.

Another good run out. (No team photo today)

29 miles with an Ave. speed of 14.2 mph

Alan (and Adrian)