A blustery morning saw five set off for Tewin; Adrian, Andy, Paul, Ronnie and Kris, though Andy turned back at Three Houses Lane with a mechanical problem.

Not unusually they bumped into an East Herts group going in the opposite direction at Rabley Heath; it never seems to be convenient to stop for a chat though!

On approaching out destination there was some drizzle followed by quite a sharp shower, so we arrived a bit on the damp side. I joined the group at the pub and then Mick who had ridden independently to lunch, so we were six in all. I started late and really tried to catch up to the group but at Woolmer Green (in the Rain) I didn’t turn left and went the long way to Tewin via Welwyn and Digswell.

Service was a bit on the slow side, somewhat unusually, but the beer, as always, was excellent.

Alan left first, needing to get back, and Mick turned for home at Datchworth, the rest of us taking a slightly extended route back via Wallington, helped much of the way by a tail wind and some welcome sunshine.

My ride was 32 miles and the others did a longer 50 miles

Alan (and Adrian)