I met the group at Arlesey this morning, with Stuart bringing the group out from LGC via Norton and Stotfold for a change of scenery.Nige arrived at Arlesey just as I got there, followed a few minutes later by the group, comprised of Stuart. Geoff H, Mia, Angie, John D and Kevin.
We were met at the café by Geoff P who had ridden out from Clophill, so there were 9 for lunch, and it was pleasant enough to sit outside.

There was a bit of a headwind on the way out, so we had the benefit on the return, making for a very easy ride, taking the pretty route to the south of Maulden.

Geoff P and Nige turned off to head for Silsoe, and Angie had already decided to go her own way (through Maulden I think).I turned off for home in Shefford leaving the remainder to continue on to destinations beyond…