Well, for such a lovely day, and a good ride, it’s a shame there were only three of us today, though Paul did see us off from the fountain, and we were met by three more at the pub…

So myself, Mia and Kris rode out through some of Hertfordshire’s finest lanes in glorious sunshine to arrive at our destination, our first visit in four years; long overdue. Mick and Pete had ridden from Harpenden, Alan from LGC, all three arriving just a little before us. Alan was delayed by 30 minutes in Hitchin so decided to go the more direct route through Stevenage and Watton at stone to get there at the same time.

Alan, as usual, set off first, with the rest of us following some minutes later, with Mick and Pete peeling off at Watton.

Top ride today.

Did I mention it was also quite windy?

Adrian (and Alan )