Just three met at the fountain today, Adrian, Ronnie and Mia. Inexplicable, such lovely weather! Nige was waiting for us at Wymondley, so four made the trip to Redbourn, via Whitwell and Kimpton, where we found Geoff, Peter and Steve waiting for us, and eventually me.

I started some time after 10,30 and took the route via Preston, Breachwood green and got lost in Harpenden and arrived at the Garden Centre late and did not have much time to stay before heading back.

Therefore in total we were 8
This was a new venue for us, and very pleasant it was too, though probably best not to order a baguette, as they seem to take ages!

Still, we were back on the road before 1:30, so that was fine. The four (starters) rode as far as Hitchin together, where we split to go our separate ways. Beautiful weather all day, getting to about 24C in the afternoon.

Summer is here

Alan (and Adrian)