A good turn out for our monthly Garden City Wheeler’s ride, with 11 starting from the fountain in two groups;

Geoff P leading Angie, Steve and new rider Phil, by the direct route, and myself leading the remainder toward Ashwell, where we split into a further two groups, Paul taking John D and Kris on an extra loop via Guilden Morden, while me, Geoff H, Kevin and Jack (welcome back) headed up Northfield Road. The two groups reconvened on Langford Road, where we arrived at Jordan’s together, finding Geoff’s group and Alan already there.
It had got quite hot by this time, so lunch was a brief affair, no-one wanting to sit in the sun too long! Perhaps we should have gone inside…oh well.

Geoff’s group set off for the direct route back to LGC, and Jack joined Alan to head for Hitchin, with the rest of us adding (for me anyway) a short loop before returning home.

Summers Here

Adrian (and Alan)