“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realise fishing is stupid and boring” – Desmond Tutu

The Forty Plus Cycling Club is a very sociable cycle club with sixteen active sections in Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, East Northamptonshire, Surrey and Sussex.  Each section organises rides between one and three times a week -   More on us and our sections...

All sections vary in their pace and distance covered.  Membership is open to cyclists aged 18 and above and you can come and try a few rides, before joining. For information contact one of the section secretaries, or the membership secretary.  More on joining...

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Use this site to report any hazardous potholes you come across.  The site automatically reports them to the relevant council and you can add photos and descriptions.

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The Touring Cyclist Club  
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A possible home for real cycle tourists, following withdrawal of specific touring benefits and information previously provided by CTC.  Take a look and consider contributing to the forum.

105 years old and still riding
French cyclist Robert Marchand who was born 26th November 1911 Amiens, France set new distance world record at the age of 105-years-he cycled for one hour covering 22.530 Km.

His past record was in February 2012, when he set a world record in one hour cycling 24.250 km. He then improved this to 26.927 km in January 2014 in the over-100 age groupWhile his distance on Wednesday’s ride was not as far as previous attempts, the new over-105s category had been specially created for him to reflect the magnitude of his feat.

Robert Marchand said “I did not see the sign warning me I had 10 minutes left, Otherwise I would have gone faster, I would have posted a better time."  He went on to add "My legs didn't hurt, my arms hurt but that's because of rheumatism."  Marchand is quoted as saying " If you don't move you get stiff so I do 4 to 6 km per day" what a character. 

Robert Marchand made a living through various jobs. He was a Paris firefighter in the 1930s. After World War II he moved to Venezuela and then 20 years later he moved to Canada, where he had a job as a lumberjack. He returned to France in 1960 and worked as a gardener and wine dealer until 1987. He was 68 when he first began a series of cycling feats.  With this in mind the North Herts Section are now in training to smash his record.

E Herts meets St Albans at Bulls Green 19-04-2016
Riders from St Albans just happened to meet others from East Herts when their sweets were being passed around. 19/04/2016.

Essex B members at Matching Tye
Essex B said a big 'thank you' to David Forster on 31 March after over 13 years as section secretary and 25,000 miles of leading:
(He's the one surrounded by women in the front row)

Three members featured in a four page article in Cycling Active magazine.  Read the article here.

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