Ride as much or as little, or long or as short as you feel. BUT RIDE Eddy Merckx

We are a very sociable cycle club with sixteen active sections in Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, East Northamptonshire, Surrey and Sussex. Each section organises rides between one and three times a week - More on us and our sections...

All sections vary in their pace and distance covered.  Membership is open to cyclists aged 18 and above and you can come and try a few rides, before joining. For information contact one of the section secretaries, or the membership secretary.  More on joining...

Please remember to carry your ICE card (In Case of Emergency) with you while out on a ride. Another way is to have the information on your mobile phone. If you would like to know how Click Here All the emergency services know how to retrieve this information providing your phone is still working, so the old way could still be best.  

Why Not Volunteer:  There are many different types of volunteering activities to suit different amounts of time and skills. Discover the range of volunteering opportunities and current vacancies. Read more...

Some of the Benefits of Good Hydration

Weight Loss: drinking cold water instead of fizzy drinks can help you save hundreds of calories each day and will keep your body hydrated and will also increase your metabolic rate.  This will aid in weight loss as it takes your body about 50 calories to process just 1 litre of cold water which is zero calories.

Healthy Skin: Keep hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres per day will aid in healthy cellular function, preventing development of skin problems.

Muscle Efficiency: Water aids the transport of oxygen to your muscles, allowing them to stay strong and lubricated ready for that extra push up that hill.

Stop Mood Swings: Hydration aids the regulation of brain and body function, which can help quell mood swings. Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and unfocused.

Temperature Control: when your body gets hot during exercise it perspires to help regulate your core temperature which will allow you to cycle for longer.

Lastly: Optimal hydration plays an important part on your ride. For every 1% your dehydrated your performance will decrease by a 15% 

Part Information on a poster from Jordan PT  North Herts Leisure Centre

Download the rides listings for Jan to Mar 2018 in PDF format.

Download the rides listings for Apr to June 2018 in PDF format. (see section pages in left menu for any changes).

Members receive your free quarterly magazine, Signpost.  

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Section secretaries can notify you of any last minute changes to rides if you give them your contact details.

map showing where sections meet is now shown on the About Us page.  This will show your nearest sections.

Club shirt Your Club kit can now be ordered from Ed Spurgeon. For more information click here 

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A possible home for real cycle tourists, following withdrawal of specific touring benefits and information previously provided by CTC.  Take a look and consider contributing to the forum.

Use this site to report any hazardous potholes you come across.  The site automatically reports them to the relevant council and you can add photos and descriptions. 

There is also an app for Android and iPhone to make it easier to report potholes and show exactly where they are located.

French cyclist Robert Marchand who was born 26th November 1911 Amiens, France set new distance world record at the age of 105 years he cycled for one hour covering 22.530 Km.

While his distance on Wednesday’s ride was not as far as previous attempts, the new over-105s category had been specially created for him to reflect the magnitude of his feat.

Robert Marchand said “I did not see the sign warning me I had 10 minutes left, Otherwise I would have gone faster, I would have posted a better time."  He went on to add "My legs didn't hurt, my arms hurt but that's because of rheumatism."  Marchand is quoted as saying " If you don't move you get stiff so I do 4 to 6 km per day" what a character. With this in mind the North Herts Section are now in training to smash his record.

In January 2018 It was reported Robert Marchand has now retired at 106 from competitive cycling.  Robert Marchand has been in the saddle for well over 90 years. 
See a list of past events. Has your section have one planned?   Click Here  to view the past events.

Each year 40 Plus Members visit Majorca for a week of cycling. Would you like to be there next year ?  Book now for Majorca in April 2018 from 14th April New venue ALCUDIA

Three days, Three Counties and Three Punctures.

On the 1st July North Herts section started their Tour of East Anglia which consisted of 6 cyclists and one bagman/service team Brian, who came along for a Grand Tour of  Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. The weather was mostly kind to us, but there was a westerly headwind on day two and the first half of day three.  We only suffered three punctures throughout the tour all within a couple of hours of each other at the start of the third day as we left Swaffham.  Altogether it was a very enjoyable three days of cycling - 200 miles. Participants were: Frank, Guy, Peter, Adrian, Geoff and the organiser Section secretary Stuart. The photo above was taken outside The Sea Princess hotel Great Yarmouth (Not Recommended). For more photos please see our Facebook Page 

25th June Norton Heath to Heybridge 5 members of 40 Plus joined with members of CTC totaling 19 riders took part in this event. For more information see the blog of this event

Tuesday 16th May St Albans section organised a Founders day ride starting from Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome at 10:00Hrs. There were four groups to allow for different abilities . The 'A' ride was about 30miles while the 'B' was some 20miles. The weather was humid and warm and hit 20 deg. When we arrived back after the ride for lunch the caterers did well providing lunch for about forty hungry cyclists. 

Nine from North Herts Section also attended the event, believe it or not there is a Spitfire being maintained in the hanger which is being blocked by cyclists. Including the ride we did between 45 and 55 miles in total. 

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