Lovely spring-like today, up to 16 degrees according to Adrian’s phone! (and he spotted the first Brimstone butterflies of the season today).
Eight of us left the Broadway Fountain this morning, in two groups of four, with Alan, Geoff H, Ronnie and Keith heading off first, then Adrian, Angie, Kevin and John D.

My group picked up Nigel in Arlesey and Adrian’s group picked up John H at Henlow.
The ride out, via Stanford’ Ireland, Cardington and Copel, was very pleasant, with a helpful tail wind pretty much all the way. The two groups arrived at the cafe within a few minutes of each other, and we were joined by Mick and Pete who had ridden out from Harlington.

It was a bonus being able to sit outside on the patio in the sun, first time this year (I think).

For the return – Ronny had to leave early, we were next to leave – I rode with Nigel, John D and Keith via the more direct route via Northill, Old Warden and Clifton into a strong headwind all the way.

For the remaining seven – Adrian, Angie, John H, Geoff H, Kevin, Pete and Mick battled back against the wind. They split at Clifton to continue our homeward journeys.
Lovely Thursday ride

Note Ronny not in Photo as he left early